Healthcare Communications, LLC

We are a non-profit, FCC Healthcare Connect Fund approved Consortium, whose mission is to provide a complete spectrum of services to Federally Qualified Healthcare Providers in obtaining reimbursement of Internet access costs from the FCC Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC).

We provide our services in several states, customized to the regional needs of Healthcare Providers.  We are looking to expand into areas under-utilizing the Healthcare Connect Fund subsidies.

In 2016 we focused on the Austin area of Texas where we now manage the Lonestar Healthcare Communications Consortium. In 2017 we expanded into Maine and Hawaii.  We added Wyoming through our American Telemedicine Communications Consortium.  We have a waiting list of healthcare providers in other states who have expressed interest in joining our consortium once we offer our services in their states.

Additionally, we plan on expanding this website with a private, secure portal, for members-only sharing of information, complementing the public part of this website which is designed to inform prospective members and other interested visitors.

We encourage feedback about what you would like us to provide on this site.  See our “Contact Us” page.