The 10 Steps to join our Consortium and obtain USAC Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) reimbursement:

1.  Consortium Candidate becomes familiar with the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) program, including data requirements and benefits provided to members of the Lonestar Healthcare Communications (LHC) Consortium. (We’ll walk you through the information).

2.  Consortium Candidate completes the LHC Member Profile spreadsheet. (we’ll email it to you).

3.  LHC provides a Business Case for becoming a member.  This includes:
a. Analysis of eligibility of each site listed by the Consortium Candidate
b. Expected monthly savings for each site, plus total monthly savings for all sites.
(Download our Sample Business Model below)

4.  LHC provides to Consortium Candidates:
a. Proposal for Services for eligible sites
b. USAC Letter of Agency (LOA) that assigns administrative responsibility to LHC in submitting USAC forms for approval.
c. Consortium Candidate signs and returns both (Proposal for Services, USAC LOA) to us (LHC).

5.  LHC submits an invoice to Consortium Member for Administrative Phase payment.

6.  Consortium Member provides information necessary to complete LHC Needs Analysis spreadsheet. (we’ll email it to you).

7.  LHC prepares a custom Network Plan and an RFP for approval by USAC and posts it to the USAC HCF website for 28 day service provider proposal submission period.

8.  USAC starts funding clock for Consortium Member upon end of 28 day proposal period with retro-active payment of subsidy upon issuance of USAC Notice of Funding Award.

9.  Consortium Member provides documentation to validate USAC subsidizing existing contracts for services.

10. Member receives USAC Notice of Funding Award.


  • Guide to USAC HCF Forms
  • Sample Member Business Case (r1)
  • Sample Member Business Model (r1.1)
  • Posting of Award in response to LHC RFP001 & RFP002
  • Quality Evaluation Scores for each Vendor Proposal