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Current funding activity continues in two paths:

  • For 1 year terms for consortium members eligible to purchase equipment and services from their resident State’s Master Service Agreement.
  • For up to 8 years because of the healthcare group having either the HCF’s funding Evergreen Status or having a contract clause with their service provider that allows for the addition of sites and services.


Approved Form 461s, Network Plans, and RFPs from ATMCC

Please go to www.USAC.org

  1. Select Rural Health Care at top of page
  2. Select Healthcare Connect Fund
  3. Select Tools in left-hand column
  4. Select Search Posted Services
  5. Search for HCP Number 44647


Questions from Vendors

ATMCC RFP002 – Questions & Answers

  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.
  • One vendor asked if there would be a second question period.
    • ATMCC response: As mentioned in RFP004 pages 17 and 18, the proposal evaluation phases provide for clarification of the offers before contracts are signed after April 23, 2019 but before May 31, 2019.

ATMCC RFP005, RFP005b, RFP005c

  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.


  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.


  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.

RFP ATMCC 006b (Wyoming)

  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.


  • No Questions asked before the question period closed.


  • On 1/25 a post period question was asked and answered:
    Q: I’m contacting you today because I have a site survey for Ivinson Memorial Hospital, 255 30th Street, Laramie, Wyoming. The only information I have for this is a note: “Needs diverse entrance separate from existing providers.” Do you know if this request is just for the building itself, or is the request for a SONET ring to the Laramie hub?
    A. I am not aware of any requests for a separate ring being installed.  I am not inclined to have an survey or any work done in our building until I fully understand who is requesting connectivity external to the hospital. 

  • On 4/22/22, a provider asked:
    We have some questions regarding this request for proposal No. ATMCC007.
    1 Are you looking for the bandwidth for each site as stated on  page 9 of the RFP  or are you looking for the Members Service request as stated on the table on page 12 .
    2 Also on Page 12  the table  asks for  Backup capacity , Routers and network devices . Are you requesting Managed  routers and fire walls for these locations.
    Please let us know so we can get you a correct response to your RFP.
    ATMCC responded:
    Thank you for your questions.  Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming (CHCCW) provided the invoices for the services it receives currently from Spectrum Business.   The invoices qualify as Spectrum’s standing bid; however, as it is not stated on the invoices, would you please verify the bandwidth of the services Spectrum provides to each of the sites now, including that of the T1 trunking,  and explain how the Sbpp Max charge works?  
    No additional information is needed at this time. 
    Thank you.